norman courtney - public art


Centennial Center, Kent City Hall, Kent, WA, 5’ x 15’ , 1998, $75,000

Cast Glass and silver leaf

Sponsor: The City of Kent, WA Arts Commission

The City of Kent lies in the middle of the Green River valley, which is reported to be the richest farmland in the state of Washington. Before World War II it was primarily occupied by small Japanese-American truck farms that sold their produce in the Seattle Public Market and now is mostly filled up with large retail buildings and warehouses. The installation is meant to be a reference to that history as well as a place of beauty and elegance in the midst of the busy goings on of the city administrative offices. The cast glass tiles are tessellations, or parquet deformations, and represent the ever- changing associations necessary to the growing community. Alvy Ray Smith worked out the geometry for metal moulds made by Fred Metz.

Special thanks to Jim McDonald at the Kent Arts Commission

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Kinetic water fountain, 48’ h x 25’ w, 2003, $202,000

Powder coated aluminum and stainless steel, steel support trusses

Sponsor: WA State Arts Commission and Washington State Convention and Trade Center

Collaboration with composer and sound artist, Trimpin and designer, Steven Berardelli

We designed and constructed a water and wind driven kinetic fountain that is a colorful and whimsical addition to the downtown Seattle business core.

Special Thanks to Beverly Watt at the Washington State Arts

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"Taking the Plunge"

Public Commission, Community Recreation Center, Columbia, MO, 14' Silver- leafed figure diving through 15' fiberglass ripple suspended in lobby, 2002, $ 75,000

Special thanks to Norm, Andy, Markum and Dawn of Pacific Studios where the piece was fabricated. Also Kim Hall for his work on the blown plastic splash feature. Most special thanks to Marie Nau Hunter, Director of Cultural Affairs, Columbia, MO

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"Tribute to Baseball"

Toronto Skydome Main entrances (2), 15' x 40,' 1990 $160,000, Cast glass, Sponsor; SkyDome Corporation

Collaboration with Ken Clarke – sculptor and Lutz Haufschild – stained glass artist

This building is the Toronto Bluejays home field. I initially worked on the concept with Lutz Haufschild and then I hired Ken Clarke to work with us on the design and the sculpting of the original clay model and subsequent plaster positives that the glass was cast from. I then rented the Pilchuck Glass School where I cast and assembled the glass pieces.

Special thanks to my hard working crew at Pilchuck; Kelly McLain, Henner Schroder, Tom and Meg Kreager, Diane Testa, Brian Koontz and Karen Willenbrink. We cast 22,000 lbs. of glass in 21 days

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“ Fragmentation - Reassembly”

Exterior sculpture, 12’h x 10’w x 4’d, 2001, $29,000

Fabricated and powder-coated aluminum

Sponsor: WA State Arts Commission and Western State Mental Hospital

Concept: based on French psychiatrist, Jacques Lacan's psychotherapy model of reassembling into a healthy whole the patient's fragmented thoughts. The large freestanding portion of the sculpture is in the form of 2 passageways, symbolic of the hopital's mission to move the patients out of the facility and back into the community.

Special thanks to my friend Oscar Romero for explaining Lacan to me and Marty Hedwall for the fabrication. Also Alice Taylor of the Washington state Arts Commission

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"Cast Glass Tiles"

Sea-Tac Airport Restroom Remodel Project, 2000, $26,000

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"Terrazzo Floor"

Edmonds, WA Public Safety Complex, 2000, $14,500

Collaboration with Tina Hoggatt

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"Scales of Justice Bench"

Powder coated steel and terrazzo, 2000, $3,500

It sits in front of the City Council Chamber and Courthouse of Edmonds, WA

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KRAB radio station, Seattle, WA, 1980

Commission, cast glass side panels to entrance door , titled "Sidebands", KRAB radio station, Seattle, WA. The individual pieces are made up from parts of old table model radios of the 40s and 50s

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“Within Reach”

Len Casanooa Athletic Center, University of Oregon, 10’ x 30,’ 1994, $46,000

Cast Glass

Sponsor: Oregon State Arts Commission

Concept: This building holds the workout and practice areas for the university's athletic program. Since I did not have to work with historical figures like on the Toronto Skydome Project, I was able to be much more gestural and playful with the figures by adding motion blurring relief lines.

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"Waters of Justice"

Title is from a quote by Martin Luther King Jr.

Terrazzo, cast concrete and cast glass, 2000, $12,000

Exterior wall panel in front of Edmonds, WA Public Safety Complex. Collaboration with Tina Hoggatt.

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