"Luminaries", powder coated aluminum and stainless steel, cast glass lenses and blown glass shade, 2003, $50,000

Sponsor: King County Cultural Development Authority and King County International Airport

I made four lamps for the lobby of the King County International Airport. This project was part of the remodeling of the terminal originally built in 1928. Paul Marioni and Ann Troutner created a terrazzo floor in dark blue with an image of the moon and a hemisphere of North America. This set a space theme which I drew on as well as the Art Deco elements in the terminal to design these futuristic looking lights. The perforated structural parts refer to aircraft construction and Boeing Aircraft which shares this landing field

Special thanks to Fred Metz for construction drawings and engineering, Pete Requiam for metal fabrication, J & D Machine and Gear for machining, RMC Powder Coating and Jim Mongrain for blown glass shades. Also thanks to Cath Brunner of the Cultural Development Authority of King County

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Wall Sconces

Edmonds, WA Public Safety Complex plaza, collaboration with Tina Hoggatt, 2000, $8,000

The sconces are installed behind the dais of the City Council Chamber and courtroom. Each sconce incorporates text of various quotes pertaining to justice.

Special thanks to Francis Chapin, City of Edmonds Cultural Arts Coordinator

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Art Wolf Gallery REI, Seattle, 2' x 25,' 1996, $12,000

Lighting panels, photo-etched glass lit from behind

Sponsor: Art Wolfe

I worked with Art Wolfe's nature photographs and the computer in order to develop a distinctive image for his first gallery space. Art is a big fan of Escher, hence the imagery.

Special thanks to Tom Buffington of Joe Meyers’ Design for the Photoshop work on the images

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Private residence of Alvy Ray Smith and Zu Horwitz Smith, blown glass, 1998, photo by Russell Johnson

The main body, arms and parts were blown by Jim Mongrain and the interior twirly pieces were made by Janusz Pozniak. Walter White made the metal parts and supervised the wiring.

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Painted and Fired Glass

Private Commission, painted and fired glass sculptural lighting for Cutters Restaurant Jack London Square, Oakland, CA. Louis Owen of Seattle received National Design Award for this restaurant design

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University of Oregon Law school cast glass lighting, Eugene,OR, $46,000

Sponsored by the Oregon Arts Commission and the University of Oregon

I made 77 cast glass sconces for the Knight Law Center. Alec Holzer of the architects, Yost Grube Hall, asked if I could create a chandelier for the law library out of the extra pieces. They purchased the chandelier and donated it to the school.

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Chapel of Saint Ignatius, Seattle University Wall Sconces, 1997, $20,000, architect Steven Holl, collaboration with metalwork artist David Gulassa (1960-2001)

I made these wall sconces based on a prototype from the architect’s office. David Gulassa drowned in Lake Union in January of 2001. All who knew him will miss this immensely talented and well-loved artist.

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